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Quantum DOT based sources
for next generation access networks
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The DIQDOT project will develop novel GREEN optical sources for low cost, low consumption, athermal, access network infrastructure that will support a number of access network topologies.

The requirements for these emitters are driven by the:
  • stringent power budgets of flexible long reach access network models,
  • high cost of current optical network components at 10Gbit/s at the user side,
  • need to support a wide range of end user applications and network configurations.

The main objectives of the project are hence the development of high performance optical sources based on a novel low dimensional material system consisting of quantum dashes (QD) -or elongated quantum dots- grown on InP to reach the 1.55 Ám fibre window.
Besides high power and high bit rate (10 Gbit/s) operation, these transceivers will be capable of achieving transmission spans on standard fibre well beyond chromatic dispersion limits.

More precisely we consider the disruptive integration of an innovative building block:
  • a directly modulated lasers (DML) based on the combination of high differential gain p-doped nanostructures, inducing low adiabatic chirp even at high current and high temperature, and an optimized laser technology, leading to efficient damping of the resonance frequency and, as a consequence, to a very low transient chirp.
DFB laser directly modulated to transmit data over transmission links
Insertion of a passive etalon filter for recovering an extinction ratio fully compatible with access standards
Etalon filter principle

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