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Cannes, 21-25 September 2014
  • S. Joshi, L. Anet. Neto, N. Chimot, S. Barbet, M. Gay, A. Ramdane, F. Lelarge
    'Long reach Quantum Dash based Transceivers using Dispersion induced by Passive Optical Filters',
    More information: http://www.ecoc2014.org

International Workshop on emerging technologies for access and metro networks
March 17th 2014, in the headquarters of the CNRS, Paris.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to have a broad picture of the currently developed & emerging technologies for access & metro networks
both in the area of the optical components, network architecture and standardization.

This workshop is intended to promote discussions between industry, telecom operators and academic institutions.
It is intended for anyone who is eager to learn about the current trends in access & metro network technologies.

For more information on the program or free inscription, please refere to the website: