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  • S. Joshi, L. Anet. Neto, N. Chimot, S. Barbet, M. Gay, A. Ramdane, F. Lelarge
    'Long reach Quantum Dash based Transceivers using Dispersion induced by Passive Optical Filters',
    Poster accepted at ECOC (Cannes, 21-25 September 2014)

  • S. Johsi & al.
    'Quantum Dash based directly modulated lasers for long reach access networks',
    Electronic Lett. Volume:50, Issue:7, March 27 2014, Pages:534 - 536

  • Bruno Robillart et al.,
    'Spectral and temporal phase measurement by Optical Frequency-Domain Reectometry',
    Photonic West, 1-6 February 2014, San Francisco, United States

  • Philippe Chanclou et al.,
    'Optical Fiber Solution for Mobile Fronthaul to Achieve Cloud Radio Access Network',
    Futur Network & Mobile Summit 2013, 3-5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

  • A. Ramdane
    'Semiconductor Quantum dots for green photonics',
    Invited paper, First African Summer School on Optics and Applications to Sustainable Development, Carthage, Tunisia, 31 August - 8th September, (2013)

  • N. Chimot & al.,
    'QDash based directly modulated lasers for next generation access network',
    Photonic Tech. Lett., Vol.25, Issue 17, p.1660 (2013)

  • K. Merghem & al.,
    'InAs/InP Quantum dot based lasers and effect of optical feedback',
    Invited paper, Photonics West, San Francisco, (2012)

  • N. Chimot & al.,
    '1550nm InAs/InP Quantum Dash Based Directly Modulated Lasers for Next Generation Passive Optical Network',
    We-1D.2 CSW, (2012)