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Quantum DOT based sources
for next generation access networks
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A hybrid solution based on commercial filters will be investigated in order to identify precisely the impact of filter shape on the 10Gb/s transmission properties, both in terms of performances and tolerances.

Optimization of the low chirp source will rely on novel material growth approaches using vertically-stacked layers with a thin spacer together with p-type doping of the active layer.
We in particular aim at a record modal gain of 60 cm-1, and linewidth enhancement factor alphaH<1.5 at injection currents above threshold.
Optimized DFB-type single frequency lasers will include asymmetric waveguides and spot size converters for optimized power budget.

Expected impact of the DIQDOT project encompasses both scientific and technical issues (by gaining further insight in strain-engineering of novel nanostructures and subsequent laser performance improvement and in the role of etalon filter to extend fiber spans for the long reach access networks), as well as NGPON standardization contribution by ORANGE through dissemination of our results.