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CNRS LPN was created in 2001 from the merging of:
  • CNRS-Laboratory of Microstructures and Microelectronics (L2M)
  • and FRANCE TELECOM CNET Bagneux laboratory.

Both laboratories have conducted research at very high international level, opening new fields (such as the discovery of self -assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots in 1985), and playing a major role in the development of very active areas.

The spectrum of LPN research activities is very broad, ranging from fundamental to applied physics.
LPN is a node of the National Network of Nanotechnology Facilities composed of public laboratories with very high-technology facilities.

LPN hosts a 1000 m2 clean-room, with state-of-the-art equipments for semiconductor processing:
  • e-beam and UV lithography,
  • reactive ion etching,
  • focused ion beam,
  • metal and dielectric deposition.

LPN has recently been involved in many ACTS, IST projects (Photonic Crystal Integrated Circuits -PCIC (project manager)).
LPN contributed to:
  • the Networks of Excellence SANDiE (Self-Assembled semiconductor Nanostructures for new Devices in photonics and Electronics, NMP on QDs)
  • and ePIXNet (IST -Photonic integrated components and circuits), and the IP ZODIAC "Zero Order Dimension based Industrial components Applied to teleCommunications" IST-NMP (2005-2008).
This latter project included high bit rate lasers, amplifiers and electro-optic modulators.

Within ANR TELDOT (2009-2013), CNRS LPN contributed to the design, fabrication and assessment of mode-locked lasers.

Recently, LPN has been involved in European projects:
  • an Initial Training Marie-Curie Network Prophet (2011-2014) where it focuses on quantum dot based optical frequency combs for telecom applications, and long wavelength QDash based lasers for spectroscopy;
  • STREP Big Pipes (2014-2016) where LPN is in charge of implementation and characterizations of high power and low noise QD based optical frequency combs for high spectral efficiency Tb/s sources on silicon chip for data centers.

LPN equipment LPN equipement

Within DIQDOT,

CNRS LPN is contributing to:
  • design,
  • fabrication
  • and assessment.