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III-V lab is a private research organization jointly established by Alcatel-Lucent, Thales and CEA LETI created in 2004 by Alcatel-Lucent and Thales.
It conducts R&D activities in the field of micro/nano-electronics and photonics semiconductor components for different applications:
  • telecoms,
  • defence,
  • security,
  • safety,
  • space etc.

III-V lab has the capacity to produce and sell components
  • epitaxial wafers
  • processed wafers
  • modules
in small quantities (typically a few tens of wafers). This is one of its main business development axes.

Such a capacity is particularly adapted to address the rapid evolution of the market in a flexible way, allowing partner companies (modules or systems manufacturers, including of course, the mother companies Alcatel and Thales) to have early access to the components and component expertise.

III-V lab has already set-up a pilot production line for various semiconductor components and is willing to strengthen its position in different markets, especially in epitaxial or processed wafers, where it has a strong production capabilities based on industrial equipment.

III-V Lab equipment Wafer III-V Lab

III-V lab has contributed significantly to the field of quantum dots based lasers and SOAs since several years.

In DIQDOT project,

III-V Lab is developing and characterizing low chirp Directly Modulated Lasers based on state-of-the-art Quantum Dash material.
It delivers:
  • Qdash epiwafers to LPN for differential gain optimization
  • and best Qdash devices are delivered to FOTON for packaging and to FT for system demonstration.